Coffee And Milk W/ Andrea Kelly

how would you feel if you went to a cafeteria one day, met a beautiful latina and she agreed to come home with you for a good ol afternoon of fucking and sucking? i would be ecstatic. well that's exactly what happens in this episode of latina rampage. andrea is so cute and petit and she's got the juiciest ass you've ever seen. i love ass!!!! especially latina ass. she's got plenty back there and it's awesome to watch it jiggle and shake. once she gets to the house she starts playing with her pretty pink pussy like the good girl she is. she loves to suck dick and she does it very well. you have to watch her bounce up and down on the cock. i like to watch her cute perky tits bounce up and down as well. who doesn't love a beautiful woman with real tits and a real ass? did i mention she's cute??!! she's got such a sweet smile too. she wears these glasses that make her look so innocent, but she isn't innocent in any way, shape or form. enjoy!

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Coffee And Milk W/ Andrea Kelly Pictures

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robert (3 years ago)
yes that andrea kelly is super hot how can i become a pron star
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